Odor removal services in Fort Collins.

Does your vehicle have an unpleasant scent? Daily usage imposes our own smells into our vehicles. Driving with stinky gym equipment, spills and other odors from the outdoors will seep into a car’s upholstery as you drive several hours each week.

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Why do you need odor removal done professionally?

The smell of dirty socks and clothes, pets, body sweat, or bad food can be partially removed by eliminating the offending articles, but most of these culprits leave behind traces in the fibers of the carpet and upholstery. Once closed up all day or night in a hot garage or sunny parking lot, your vehicle becomes an incubator for the bacteria.

Odor removal requires professional-grade equipment that breaks down the bacteria and removes the residuals from the spill or accident that is causing the odor.

Odor elimination

Odor removal services

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  • Minimization of unwanted odors
  • Cigarette odor removal
  • Bacteria removal
  • Let Sticklers 4 Details assess the severity of your car odors and help determine the best method for removing the stink.
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All that a fragrance product will do is mask the smell, not even fully. Depending on how the unwanted smell entered your vehicle, a fragrance would only make matters worse.

The most common misconception car owners believe when it comes to odor removal is that the odor is only surface deep. The material fibers within your vehicle are porous – meaning that bacteria can easily seep into the material and bury deeper than the surface. At this point, the bacteria is growing and won’t be easily removed by simply spraying and scrubbing a carpet cleaner or soap and water.

Airing out the vehicle is a great start to keep the smell from lingering and growing. However, simply airing out a vehicle if a spill or bacteria is the cause just isn’t enough. If the problem was a water spill, then airing out the vehicle in a dry environment may take care of the problem, unless there is mold buildup which can occur within 24 hours after a spill.

Our name doesn’t lie. We pay strict attention to details. Sometimes, car owners believe that odor removal is a DIY task. Do you know which product to use on leather vs carpet? Or how to check if bacteria is growing within your upholstery? Professional odor removal services offered by Sticklers 4 Details are rooted in deep understanding and experience of vehicles. One solution for a coffee spill won’t be the same as removing spilled milk from the backseat.

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